This service of FCS is designed to offer a proper communication between the brand and the customer. It is shown that a professional set-up of the goods in the stores and shop windows, can increase sales, respecting the "law" of visual merchandising - "science", which draws the attention of the customer to the product displayed in the venue.

The knowledge about the influence of the colors and shapes on the human psyche, the lighting in the shop and in the window, the right choice of background music and perfumes in the commercial area - are intended to arouse an unconscious desire to "consumption" in the client and in up to keep him in the store.

To this end, we design the technical drawings of the windows and the interior of the store, the so-called layout and displays / for "New collection", the flash in the season, holidays, balances, etc. / Giving specific instructions on how to organize best retail to achieve maximum sales and cause the client to buy.

FCS also offers full support in the design style and the choice of furnishings and equipment for the retail of fashion, using by the most prestigious European brands.

FCS at the request of its customers, preparing the questionnaires in which the client marks his opinion on the mark - the level of service, quality of product, etc.. So the team manager of the brand is not only informs the target customers - such as age, education, profession, etc.., But also can highlight any weaknesses on policy and services of the brand in order to be promptly corrected.

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