We create collections of fashion brands who want to excel in a competitive and innovative products to the latest trends, always keeping in mind the needs of the client and the specificities of the market in the country.

The designers of FCS after having carefully analyzed the style, the price range of the products and target customers already established brand that is trusted to our service, create a new collection, taking into account these factors.

We develop a complete collection starting from the "fetus", that is to say, the inspiration and the creation of "mood board", the choice of colors, fabrics, materials, accessories and design of the fabric design and embroidery, to the creation of the figures , technical drawings and preparation of all documentation on so that execution of the heads clothing.

After you have specified graphically and technically the collection, we assist the modelers at the center of production of our client, for the development of prototypes of the garments, until we have a complex collection "total look", ready to be presented with a fashion show to the public, the press and prospective buyers.

Finally, to have a better launch the new collection on the market, just before being handed over in stores, the designer of the FCS takes the load to explain to staff the stores. Knowing once the accents of the collection such as colors, fabrics, materials and models, staff will be able to offer products in a competent and professional manner to customers of the brand.

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    Sofia, 1505, Bulgaria

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